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Energy Cleanse Bundle Kit for Jewelry & Home

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Cleanse Your Space, Energies and Jewels. Bring more Pure and Positive Vibes.

 The energies around us are powerful! It’s so important to create a nice and clean space for your self and keep your energies bright and flowing thru the day. Cleansing your space by burning sage, palo santo or smudging is a meditative way of doing this. American tribes they believed to rid a space, objects or people of negative energy and evil spirits, and bring back purity and positivity. Every object we surround ourselves with can absorb the energy of the environment, so it’s important to cleanse these objects of negative vibrations.

Cleanse Bundle: Cleanse and clear your space with palo santo, sage, and selenite. Light the sage or palo santo and allow the smoke to cleanse the energy around your space or Jewelry and set a positive intention at the end of the smudge.