The Moon, The Sun & The Stars

The Moon, The Sun & The Stars collection is inspired by the cosmic powers of the Moon, Sun and Stars. Erica embodies these spiritual meanings by following her simplistic delicately hand-crafted design using Silver, White Gold and Gemstones. In many cultures, the moon symbolizes femininity often in the form of a goddess. It universally represents the flow of time as it embodies the different cycles. The different phases of the moon embody immortality, eternity and even the dark side of nature herself. The sun is symbolic of the mind and intellect. The circle alone is a representation of the never ending circle of life. The sun is often recognized as a symbolism for rebirth, strength and power. The stars presents us with one the most enchanting and beautiful of all symbols of the cosmos. The stars symbolize aspirations, creative brilliance and dreams while also serving as a reminder of constant protection and divine guidance. In many parts of the world, the 8-point star is used in many different spiritual traditions. The star piece in this collection is inspired by the sacred geometry of the Star of Lakshmi.

The Stars
Sun Necklace
New Moon | 14K Yellow Gold Hoops Earrings with Black Pearls and Diamond
The Stars
The Moon